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The Manager's Red Book

The Manager's Red Book Keeps Every Manager On The Same Page

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Run Better Shifts with The Manager's Red Book

Set your managers up for success with The Manager's Red Book.Ensure compliance across all of your locations with directives for safety,food handling,cash handling,and employee management.And with Red Book Keep,the mobile app companion to The Manager's Red Book,you can take your restaurant and hospitality operations mobile,documenting critical pages and tasks securely in the cloud.With The Manager's Red Book and the Red Book Keep App,you'll know your customers are getting the same great experience every time,at every location.

The Easiest Way For Managers To Stay Organized

No more loose papers,random clipboards,and disparate sticky notes.The Manager's Red Book and the Red Book Keep App help each shift run better and more efficiently by consolidating everything into a single location.

  • Access annual,monthly,and Holiday calendars

  • Log important information and notes on two pages per day

  • Record meeting notes,results and summaries on a weekly basis

  • Keep track of maintenance issues with a monthly maintenance log

  • Access activity by store,all within one 188bet官网登录solution,whether print or mobile

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Take Your Manager's Red Book Mobile with the Red Book Keep Companion App

Restaurant managers run through hundreds of tasks a day,but the Red Book Keep App takes your operations mobile,reinforcing the control and communication that The Manager's Red Book gives them,every day.

  • Take a snapshot of individual pages from your Manager's Red Book and associate it with specific tasks

  • Take a snapshot of your line and food safety checks to share with corporate leadership

  • View the status of any task at any of your locations and stay on top of your manager's shift-to-shift communication,progress and performance over time.You can also search for specific pages from the past

  • See how well your managers are completing their checklists and use that information to drive the right kind of behaviors.View all locations at once or drill down into various hierarchies.Toggle to see your completion rates by day or for the full week

  • Give your managers and staff a single forum to provide feedback on the content and checklists in your Manager's Red Books

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Set Your Managers Up For Consistent Success

Whether you have one location or a thousand,you can replicate the same experience day-to-day and location-to-location so your customers get the same great experience every time.

  • Customize for location specific needs

  • Directives on safety,food handling,cash handling,and employee management

  • Address company focus,objectives,and areas of concern

  • Ensure compliance at every level

  • Give new managers the confidence to say,"I got this"

  • Show historical forecasts,numbers,weather,etc.

  • Mobile accessibility means managers always have answers at their fingertips

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Simplify Communication Between Managers

Easily transition between shifts to keep the day running as smoothly as possible.Capture shift notes and document everything from staff performance to customer comments.

  • Capture shift notes and document everything from maintenance issues to customer comments

  • Simplify employee management by keeping managers in-the-know regarding what is happening from shift to shift and from day to day

  • Provide historical references that create community

  • Track critical information

  • Improve shift-to-shift communication

  • Increase employee accountability

  • Work from one central location

  • Access from any mobile device

  • Always stay in-the-loop with notifications

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Centralized Red Book Increases Manager Accountability and Drives Results

Whatever happens during a shift,track it in the one book that you know everyone's reading.It's all there,whether the task at hand is: managing a bar,reservations,training,guest relations.or days off,you'll have it covered in writing.

  • Track and record tasks,to-dos,follow-ups,maintenance and more in one tool

  • Assign and track tasks in the one book that you know everyone's reading

  • Capture shift notes and document everything from maintenance issues to customer comments

  • Retain and access historical data so you are confident that your stores are compliant

  • Consolidate everything into one place so everyone's on the same page

  • Improve shift-to-shift communication and increase employee accountability

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Reduce Risk and Ensure Compliance Throughout Every Shift and Location

Ensure compliance across all of your locations with directives for safety,food handling,cash handling,and employee management.

  • Maintain compliance with configurable labor rules

  • Set breaks,meal-times,and rules for minors

  • Stay up-to-date with hourly labor laws in your area

  • Add local school calendars to schedule legally and prevent violations

  • PayControl + WebClock users will also benefit from missed mobile alerts for missed meals and breaks

  • Ensure product quality standards are followed

  • All food service establishments are subject to local,state and federal food codes

  • Get notified when out-of-range temperatures occur on refers,freezer,fryers,and warming drawers

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Customize Manager Red Book's At Each Location While Maintaining Consistency

Take your Manager's Red Book to the next level with store-specific or role-specific data.From last year's sales numbers,key performance drivers,to training,weather,or even branded-marketing pages,we take your information,data,and pictures and add them to your daily playbook.

  • Include custom task lists,action plans,brand standards,food prep lists,and anything else you desire

  • Daily pages include weather notes,daily reminders,safety notes and more

  • Track the day's specials,priorities,highlights and personnel issues

  • Calculate shift totals,record maintenance and repair concerns

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"Red Mango is evolving fast and The Manager's Red Book® has been able to evolve along with us.I refer to it as as ‘law' because it's been such a nice tool for engagement,communication,follow-up,preparation and preparedness.Most companies need something to manage it all and we would definitely recommend The Manager's Red Book®."

-Craig Erlich,VP of Operations,Red Mango

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